Beets – the new black?

Ten kilos (yes, that is 22 pounds) of beet root showed up here at Base Camp.

Luckily, with near elevation to a super food, in recent nutritional articles, with nitrates stirring the circulation, assisting the heart and being so brightly red it can’t help but make you feel better, they are being put to good use.

While we await our outdoor temperature to rise above minus 20 every morning, it is good to know our circulation is being spurred along by the previous days diet.

Of course there is always beet salad, shredded over lettuce. And beet goes well surrounding a roast, it survives the heat and adds color to those otherwise bland potatoes.

However, our favorite is a beet soup:

Beetroot, sliced, but not too thin
Salt and pepper
Slowly simmered In veggie stock
Like any great chef, there is also a magic mix of spices that our Chef will not give up, so you will have to experiment.

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