Everest Summit Ridge Sunrise – in 9 photos – all that climbing, is suddenly worth it.

The phenomena of the worlds’ tallest peak, its shadow suspended at sunrise into the horizon in an ethereal pyramid, must be one of the worlds’ great visual treasures.

Over a few ascents along the Everest summit ridge, I had the good fortune to finally get a series of photos at sunrise that make all the many hard steps below worthwhile.

With some better weather and a bit of luck, its what a whole host of people will hopefully be climbing up and experiencing soon.

Everest, South summit, sunrise
The first hint of sun in the East, from just below the South Summit, Everest. You can pretend it is about to warm up when you see this.


Everest summit, Makalu
Makalu, the worlds fifth tallest mountain, directly East of Everest, catching the first refracted lights of the sun. 
Everest, Sunrise
Everest, the summit pyramid just beginning to form in the West at dawn.
Everest, Sunrise
The summit pyramid touches the horizon and begins to shrink into the Himalayan Mountains.
Everest summit
The pyramid shrinking into the Khumbu, Pumori the snowcone lower right, rising directly above Base Camp – a very diminutive looking 7,000 meter peak from this height.
Everest, Sunrise
Peering around the edge of the Hillary Step, the pyramid of Everest fades into the mountains below.
Everest, Summit
Looking down the North Ridge and over Tibet from the summit, Everest.


Everest, Summit, Robert Mads Anderson
The top – a rather clear and wonderous morning. Photo: David Hamilton


Just in case you want a poster of your own, here is Ed Webster’s photo from our ascent of the Kangshung Face.

Everest Sunrise, Frostbite Sunrise, Ed Webster
The Frostbite Sunrise from Everest, by Ed Webster. Taken on our ascent of the Kangshung Face.